Rifle Instructor Course (RI)

Rifle Instructor Course

Course Fee - $150

Included in this 10-hour course are lessons covering:

  1. Introduction to NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course Outline and Lesson Plans (30 Minutes)
  2. Teaching Rifle Lesson I: Rifle Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling (60 minutes)
  3. Teaching Rifle Lesson II: Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting (90 Minutes)
  4. Basic Rifle Shooting Instructional Method (60 Minutes) 
  5. Teaching Rifle Lesson III: Firing the First Shots (90 Minutes)
  6. Teaching Rifle Lesson IV: Scoring Targets, and Selecting and Maintaining Your Rifle (90 Minutes)
  7. Evaluating and Improving Performance of Beginning Rifle Shooters (60 Minutes)
  8. Teaching Rifle Lesson V: Course Review and Examination (30 Minutes)
  9. Using Appendices 1 – 4: Additional Rifle Shooting positions, Fundamentals Outline for Rifle Shooting, Rifle Instructional method and the Performance Requirements Checklist (90 Minutes)

The GOAL of the Rifle Instructor Course is:

To develop NRA Certified Instructors who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Courses. The Rifle Instructor Course is classes of eight or fewer students, designed to provide a hands-on introduction to teaching students to conduct the NRA Basic Rifle courses.

This course is approximately ten hours long and includes classroom and firing range time learning to teach the basic fundamentals of shooting a rifle.  Students will learn the Introduction to NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting Lesson Plans, Teaching Rifle Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling, Teaching Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting, Basic Rifle Shooting Instructional Method, Teaching Firing the First Shots, Teaching Scoring Targets, and Selecting and Maintaining Your Rifle, Evaluating and Improving Performance of Beginning Rifle Shooters, Teaching Additional Rifle Shooting positions, and the Performance Requirements Checklist. 

Students receive a course completion certificate, a wallet ID card, and a PowerPoint presentation notebook from Halls Firearm Training.