Basic Instructor Training (BIT)

NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)

Course Fee - $50

This is NOT a Stand-Alone Course It Must be taken in conjunction with an Instructor Course 

Included in this 6-hour course are lessons covering:

  1. Opening Exercise: How to Introduce a Speaker (30 Minutes)
  2. The Instructor and the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program (60 Minutes)
  3. Using a Training Team (60 Minutes)
  4. Training Materials and Training Aids (60 Minutes)
  5. Organizing Your Course (60 minutes)
  6. Preparing to Teach (90 minutes)
  7. Issues to be aware of as an NRA trainer. 

The GOAL of the NRA Basic Instructor Training Course is:

To develop NRA Certified Instructors who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses.  

The Basic Instructor Training Course is classes of eight or fewer students, designed to provide a hands-on introduction to teaching students to conduct the NRA Basic Firearm Training courses.  This course is approximately six hours long and includes classroom time learning to teach the basic firearm training courses.