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Whether you are interested in recreational shooting, competitive shooting, home safety, personal protection, concealed weapon or firearm license, hunting, gun collecting, or historical reenactment, the basics are where to start. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been teaching shooters marksmanship and gun safety since 1871. Halls Firearm Training is proud to be a part of this distinguished and time-honored tradition. The instructors with Halls Firearm Training are highly trained and are certified by the National Rifle Association. The materials and training methods used in our courses were prepared and developed by the NRA through years of experience with constant modification to fulfill the needs of an ever-changing society.  Our basic courses provide hands-on learning opportunities: in firearm handling and shooting safety; parts of a firearm and their operation; ammunition and its function; and shooting fundamentals. They also provide an opportunity to develop these skills on the range. Instructions on how to select, clean, and safely store a firearm are also included.

When you’ve completed your course not only will you have learned the basics, you will be on your way to pursuing a lifetime of shooting pleasure, self-confidence, and self-satisfaction.